How to Create a Mission-Style Bedroom

The mission style of decorating came to life in the Arts and Crafts era of the 1860s. This decorating approach, which later came to be known as the Craftsman style, is easily recognized for its use of copper and bronze, pottery and neutral colors. Moving away from the ornate decorations of the Victorian era, the mission style is still popular today. When creating a bedroom with a mission-style theme, it is important to grasp the colors and essence of the times.

Things You'll Need

  • Wall color and texture kits
  • Natural wood furniture
  • Plain-color bedding and accent fabrics
  • Decorative items

Use a textured or plastered look on bedroom walls. Add building sand to paint to create a suede look on walls, or purchase a wall-texturing kit from a home improvement store. Keep wall colors natural by using colors such as cream, tan, brown, beige, red and yellow. Keep trim and other woodwork in the room in a natural tone rather than white.

Select furniture that has a natural wood color, preferably oak. Furniture that is hand-made or has carved accents was popular in the mission era. Replace handles and other metal hardware on dressers and desks with copper or bronze pieces.

Use plain-color fabrics for bedding, pillows, drapes and throws. Avoid the use of patterns, since the mission style is about veering away from the decorative overkill of the Victorian era. Choose a solid color bedspread using an accent color to bring out the natural wood in furniture and the walls, such as a vibrant red or mossy green.

Place live or faux plants around the room. Stained-glass lamps and wall art are good accents for the room as well. Use rectangular or square mirrors, since the mission era did not favor round or oval shapes. Decorative items should be made from copper or bronze, including lamp bases, picture frames and alarm clocks. Keep decorations simple and clean. Avoid clutter and decorative pieces that are ornate, which is opposite of the mission style. Use clocks that have roman numerals instead of Arabic numbers, and avoid small decorative knickknacks on shelving or bookcases.


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