Living Room Ideas With Dark Wood Floors & Gold-Painted Walls

A room with a dark floor and golden walls gives you an easy foundation for any room. The combination gives you plenty of choices when it comes to style. The key to working with dark floors and lighter walls is keeping color balanced throughout the room. Once you pick your theme, you’ll love what you’ve done with the place.

Give your living room an exotic edge with a safari atmosphere. Gold-colored walls and dark floors are ideal for this look because of the earthy elements involved. Pick warm colors, such as red and orange, to add spice. Go with natural woods that are lighter than your floors. Bring a bit of the wild side into the room with animal prints on pillows, throws and rugs. Keep prints to a minimum, as too many will only bring a sense of clutter to your room. A zebra-print rug with a matching pillow on the sofa is sufficient. Hang bamboo shades or shutters on windows to round out the look.

The southwestern look is all about comfort. Golden walls and dark flooring create a look that is welcoming and rustic. Look for light-colored, fabric-covered furnishings. Rust, terracotta, salmon, turquoise and yellow are accent colors that reflect the southwestern landscape. Hang simple window treatments with colors that blend with your decor. Decorate with Mexican or Native American pieces of art, such as tapestries or rugs with geometric patterns.

For a casual and relaxed atmosphere, a country look is the way to go. Golden colors provide an ideal backdrop for establishing a warm mood. Choose natural wood furniture, such as pine and oak. For contrast, select white furniture. For a country cottage feel, use distressed furniture. Soft, pale colors, like dusty rose and pale green, enhance the country look. Look for comfortable cushions and pillows with striped and floral patterns. Decorate with simplicity in mind, using accents such as candles and bouquets to add color.

For a warm and welcome atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with Italian flair. For an old-world look, use pieces with intricate inlays or carvings. Avoid too many pieces in dark wood, as they will blend with the flooring. Instead, look for wrought iron tables and fabric-covered furniture to keep the room light. Terracotta and other types of pottery bring interest. Hang ornate frames and antique mirrors. Wrap it all up with natural fiber rugs, like sisal or jute, on the floor.


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