Small Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A master bedroom doesn't have to be large, but it should be comfortable and inviting. One of the things you should consider when decorating your small master bedroom is what you can do to create more space. Creating more space is the first step to make a small room look larger -- which can be achieved using different tips and tricks. Once this problem is solved, you can start decorating by knowing what to place in your room and what to leave behind.

The walls of a small master bedroom should be painted with light colors to make the room appear larger. Another trick to make a room appear larger is to paint large vertical stripes on the wall or installing wallpaper with vertical stripes. Light colors include tones of white and beige, as well as pale colors instead of bold ones. Avoid wallpaper with large, busy patterns. Keeping the color of the ceiling white will make the room appear larger.

It's important to keep the size of your furniture in mind in a small master bedroom. A bed with a footboard and a four-poster bed will make the room look smaller, so choose other beds aside from these. Additionally, you may be comfortable in a queen or double bed rather than a large king-size bed. You'll also find that small bedside tables are available and using one instead or two is acceptable. If you have enough room, include an armchair in the room where you can sit and read or watch TV. As with your walls, your master bedroom will also appear larger if you use light-colored furniture. Furthermore, you can also use furniture that serves as storage, such as a storage ottoman.

Bedding and Window Treatments
Not only will a master bedroom look larger if you have light-colored walls and bedroom furniture, but window treatments and bedding as well. To keep the room pulled together, try to match the color of your window treatments with your bedding or with the walls. Avoid any bedding or window treatments with large prints -- such as a big floral design, geometric prints or plaid -- since it will overpower the bedroom. To make your bedroom more visually interesting, play with different textures such as satin, velvet or quilting and add coordinating pillow shams.


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