Decorate an Upstairs Loft

A poorly decorated upstairs loft with furniture and other belongings placed haphazardly throughout resembles an ill-planned flea market. Consequently, once you purchase enough furniture to fill your loft, you must organize it before guests start bidding on your items. Additionally, you must create sections within all that space. Properly organized, your loft will feel like a home with different sections and a natural flow from one "room" to another.

Apply blue painter's masking tape along the floor, creating at least four basic living spaces: living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. You do not have to divide the entire floor into these four "rooms," but you should at least allot some space to accommodate these essential living spaces.

Move a room-defined belonging into each area. For instance, scoot your couch into your living room and your bed into your bedroom, thereby labeling each room.

Apply blue painter's masking tape to remaining floor space for such rooms as library, home office, study or game room, depending on your needs and interests.

Move your room-defined belongings into each area.

Create your primary "walls" using your 72-inch-by-36-inch bookshelves and 72-inch-by-36-inch utility shelves. Face bookshelves for living room, bedrooms and libraries inward, so the backs create walls for adjacent rooms.

Hang framed artwork on the backs of the bookshelves to decorate the walls of the adjacent room.

Position potted plants to create open-spaced walls within rooms or even between primary rooms. If you use a potted plant to create a wall, position it perpendicular to the window, so it can thrive in the light.

Position utility shelves around the bathroom area to create bathroom entryway walls. Although the actual bathroom will have a room to itself, you will find that having a functional entryway helps set off your bathroom entrance from the rest of the loft. Such areas as a "linen closet" or a "supply closet" can help define this entryway.

Position area rugs within main rooms to center a room, creating a focus around which you can distribute furniture such as couches, chairs or tables.

Remove all the blue painter's tape from the floor.


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