Place Furniture on Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are a luxurious focal point of any home. Beautiful, expensive and often family heirlooms, they are used in the living room, family room, foyer or dining room. Because they are predominantly formal in design, oriental rugs are most commonly used in formal living rooms and dining rooms. To make the most out of your oriental rug and to protect the carpet fibers, follow the steps below when placing furniture on it.

How to Place Furniture on Oriental Rug

Keep heavy furniture off the rug. Place your furniture on the rug so that the heaviest pieces are not touching it. For example, place the heavy sofa along the edge of the rug, but not actually on it.

Protect the carpet fibers. Lightweight chairs or coffee tables can be placed on an oriental rug, but to prevent the carpet fibers from being crushed, place a small piece of carpet padding under each leg of the chair or coffee table.

Arrange the furniture properly. You will want to make sure the rug design is shown in such a way that it complements the room. Do not cover the center of an oriental rug with furniture. Instead, arrange items around the edge of it. The only exception to this rule is if you are placing the rug under a dining room table. Also, keep the furniture to a minimum.

Arrange cords properly. If you have a lamp on a table, or a floor lamp, run the lamp under the rug and to the wall outlet. If you leave it out, not only will it be unsightly, but it will be a tripping hazard.

Don't overwhelm the rug. Oriental rugs are usually quite lavish, so the furniture placed on them needs to be simple in design. Too much pattern and decoration will overwhelm the rug and render it ineffective in the room. In addition, leave an "opening" so that a person can step onto the rug. Do not "box in" the rug with walls and furniture.


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