Decorating Ideas for Leather Furniture & Hardwood Floors

Leather furniture and hardwood floors work well together when decorating. When you start with leather furniture and wood floors, creating your dream room is easy. Choose from a variety of decor styles that incorporate both the leather and the wood nicely. Since leather furniture and hardwood floors come in a variety of shades, use that as the starting point for decorating the rest of the room.

For hardwood floors and leather furniture that are a dark brown, think country. A country style is a good option particularly if your leather furniture is more comfortable and doesn’t have the straight lines of more modern looking leather furniture. Colors that work well when decorating in a country style include blues, reds, greens and browns. Choose one or two colors to use in the room, using one color for the wall and another for the decorations around the room, such as pictures to hang on the wall or vases filled with flowers. Curtains with ruffles along one edge add to the charming country feel. When hanging curtains, keep with the same color scheme, but choose fabrics that are more lightweight, such as cotton, and not lined. This creates an airy feeling to the room that adds to the comfort of the leather furniture.

Many modern-style homes have lighter colored hardwood floors and black leather furniture. If this is the look you want for your home, keep the lines straight all around the room. Hang artwork on the walls in simple black frames to highlight the color of the leather furniture. Use color as a contrast, such as using white pillows and throw blankets as part of the decor. Hang straight panel curtains that come down to the bottom of the window casing. Use various shades of black and gray, or a combination of the two in bold prints, to create variety and give the room dimension. Choose linen as a contrast in texture to the smoothness of the wood floors and the leather furniture.

Traditional decorating sometimes is a little bit eclectic in that it includes a variety of decor in one room. For example, you might have light or medium colored wood floors with an overstuffed black leather sofa. Use bright colors such as yellow, as well as reds, blues and greens. Add depth to the room by adding plaid fabrics in pillows and throws. Choose from either the lighter weight fabrics that are unlined or decorator fabrics with lining for curtains. Use straight panel or ruffled country-style curtains as window treatments.

It is possible to have wood floors and leather furniture while still creating an elegant setting to the room. Hardwood floors in a lighter color with a satin finish and high-end leather furniture can all add to the decor of an elegantly decorated room. The colors of the floors and the leather are not as important as the decorating that goes along with them. Get paint chips matching the colors of the leather and the floors and take these shopping with you to match up fabrics and paint for the walls. Choose deep reds, blues or greens for best results. For curtains, decorator fabrics and velvets work well, especially when you have long, full, flowing draperies that pool on the floor. Add a lace panel behind the draperies to provide privacy and add to the elegance.

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