Glass Block Bathroom Ideas

Glass building blocks are an inexpensive way to liven up a room. Often used in bathrooms, glass blocks allow light to pass through without giving up much needed privacy. With new styles, textures, patterns and colors, the possiblities for glass blocks in a bathrooms are endless.

Glass Block Shower
Building a glass block shower enclosure is a wonderful way to make a bathroom feel larger, let in light and give the bath a more modern, sleek look. Glass block showers can be installed in many configurations and can fit just about anywhere. Once the walls of the enclosure are built, simply add a shower door and the shower becomes a water-tight area that keeps the water in and off of the bathroom floor.

Glass Block Windows
Because of its textures and patterns, glass blocks are difficult to see through, but because they are translucent glass, the light can flow through freely. Using glass blocks where a window used to be is a great way to not only enrich the appearance of a bathroom, but the energy saving design of the glass blocks will help lower heating and cooling bills. The space between each side of the glass acts as a buffer for temperature changes and insulates the inside of the building from the outside.

Room Dividers Made with Glass Blocks
Use a small glass block wall as a room divider, if bathroom is large enough, to separate the toilet area from the sink. This keeps the sink and tooth brushing area away from the toilet area and also provides a little privacy for those who share a bathroom with someone else. Install small lights inside the blocks of the wall for a warm glow that can have interchanging colors of lights capable of fitting any mood.

Uses for Individual Blocks
On an individual block, cut a hole into one edge of the block a little smaller than the entire length of the block. Gently file the edges to remove any sharp edges and use the block on the counter top to hold tooth brushes, or combs, creams, etc. These blocks also can be decorated with embellishments, as desired, and a hot glue gun to add your own personality.

Backlight for the Seasons
Using different colored lights to represent the seasons or holidays, attach small strings of Christmas lights behind a block wall to add to the holiday spirit. Or by making a wooden frame that holds the blocks in place instead of cementing them in place, the blocks become removable and can be replaced with colored blocks as desired. Blocks also can be drilled and filled with decorative materials and put into the frame for a varying decor.


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