Modern & Traditional Houses

The history of the modern home is short, having been integrated into the architectural landscape in the early 20th century. Traditional homes, however have older roots and are influenced by colonial era styles as well as Victorian touches.

Understanding the differences in each of these home styles and how it fits your personal style will help any design decisions you may have for your living spaces. While traditional homes are heavily accented with details and adornments, modern homes go in the direction of simplicity.

Traditional Style
Building features such as gabled roofs, brick exteriors and high peaked roof lines are typically found in traditional home design. European influences can be found in this style with accents such as arches, often seen in old world Italian and French country bungalow design. Additionally, early California mission style is also considered traditional.

Modern Living
Modern homes are defined by open spaces and lack of architectural details with Scandinavian inspiration in color and function. Modern homes are typically smaller in square footage yet are designed to use every inch of space for maximum functionality.


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