How to Create Extra Storage Space in a Bedroom

Storage space is a problem for many people, especially those who live in small apartments. One room that can always use extra space is the bedroom. Between the large furniture and the clothing, it can be a struggle to know where to put it all. Before you find yourself sitting on a bed surrounded by piles of clothing on the floor, here are some ways to create some extra storage space in your bedroom.

Get a tall dresser instead of a long one. Tall dressers take up much less floor space, and in many cases you will actually gain extra room for your clothing. Plus, you will have extra space to walk around and a room that will look less cluttered with furniture.

Add a bed skirt to your bed so you can have storage underneath. There’s so much usable space under there, and there’s no reason to let it go to waste. Buy long, thin plastic containers you can use to store clothes or other items.

Use containers to organize your smaller items. Whether you are trying to organize your socks or your makeup, small containers will be quite helpful. They can prevent items from falling over or taking up more space than necessary. Every little bit of extra room matters.

Add shelves in the top part of your closet. Your clothes may take up the space from the middle of the closet down, but what about from the bar up to the top? It’s wasted space that not many people take advantage of.

Sort through your clothes frequently. If you keep buying clothes but never get rid of any, eventually you will have an overflowing closet and dresser drawers. Once every season go through your clothing and get rid of whatever you no longer like, doesn’t fit or you will never wear. Don’t forget to go through your shoes as well.

Use the space on the back of your doors. The back of your bedroom door and your closet door is space that should never be wasted. Attach a hook and hang up your laundry bag or your purses, or put up an over-the-door shoe organizer. Not only will it keep everything better organized and add extra space, but it will also keep your floors uncluttered.


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