How to Decorate a Bedroom That Has No Wall Space & Lots of Windows

Most bedrooms have at least one or two solid walls that generally determine how to arrange the furniture, making it somewhat simple to decorate the rest of the room. Decorating a bedroom with no wall space, but lots of windows, requires more planning. For example, a traditional bedroom suite would likely block parts of the windows, making the space look and feel awkward. An abundance of windows does offer advantages to your bedroom, however, such as extra natural light, which you could use to your advantage.

Things You'll Need
  • Paint or wallpaper
  • Furniture
  • Textiles
  • Window coverings
  • Accessories
Paint the walls or put up wallpaper with a bold or dark color or print if you like bold decor. For example, chocolate brown, charcoal gray or navy blue paint might overwhelm a bedroom with little natural light, but will work in a bedroom with a lot of windows. Light colors, such as white, cream or beige, will make the room feel open and airy.

Arrange your furniture to take advantage of the view, while making it easy to get around and use the space. Low-profile furniture that does double-duty, such as a platform bed with drawers underneath, will give you the storage space you need without blocking any of your windows. Block a wall of windows with your taller furniture if you don't want to give up high-profile pieces. Put a tall chest of drawers in your closet if possible.

Incorporate colors and patterns in your sheets, comforter and pillows. The abundance of natural sunlight will highlight bold colors.

Cover the windows with simple shades and sheer curtains if you enjoy the natural light. Use elegant draperies for a sophisticated look and blackout curtains if you want the room to be completely dark when you sleep.

Accessorize the room with pillows, rugs, lamps, pictures or other small items on the surfaces you have available. Use a single color, style, pattern or theme to keep the decor related.


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