How to Accommodate a Crib in a Small Bedroom

Bringing home a new baby is a joyful, life-changing event. Some parents can afford to give their children their world, while others have to provide for their children with limited space and financial resources. If you're going to be sharing a small bedroom with your new baby, follow a few tips to open up your space and make your baby feel right at home. Don't worry about your lack of material goods; as long as you provide an abundance of love, your baby will be rich beyond measure.

Make Room
Clear out nonessential items to make space for your new baby’s crib. Look carefully through your clothes and accessories; donate, store or throw away items you don’t use or wear on a regular basis. Make room in your closet for your and your baby’s items to maximize space in the bedroom for the crib and baby accessories.

Downsize your bedroom furniture. If you have a king-size bed, trade it in for a queen. If you’re sleeping in a queen-size bed, exchange it for a double. If you’re a single parent with a double bed, make space for your new addition by replacing your double with a twin. Trade in your dresser for storage containers that slide out of sight. Mount your television, and exchange your bookcase for shelves you can mount high on the wall.

Clear the Floor
Maximize your floor space by pushing your furniture to the perimeter of the room, as close to the wall as possible. Get rid of furniture pieces used for decorative purposes only; with the introduction of a crib to your small space, every item in your room should be purposed for form as well as function.

Small Crib
Purchase a miniature crib or a small oval-shaped crib rather than a full-size crib. Create a “baby corner” that will give the illusion that your child has his own private area. Decorate the wall behind your baby’s corner with cool colors that recede and make the room appear more spacious, like light green, light blue or violet. Alternatively, hang nursery-themed wallpaper, or paint a mural with a nature scene or cartoon characters. If possible, situate the crib near a window so your baby can benefit from natural sunlight.

Divide the Space
Install a privacy screen around your baby’s crib that separates her space from your own. Alternatively, drape sheer curtains from the ceiling that cascade around your baby’s crib, creating the illusion of privacy while still allowing you to keep a close watch on your child.


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