Select Wall Hanging Art for Bedroom Decorating

The sun is up and you stretch as your eyes open to the world. The first thing you see as you wake is the painting hanging across from your bed. This piece of artwork can be one of the most important in your entire house, as it influences your mood for the rest of the day. Choosing wall art to hang in your bedroom can be easy if you keep in mind a few simple steps.

Consider the environment you want to create. A bedroom should reflect an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that allows you to rest better. The artwork you place in the room should emphasize that feeling, as well. Harsh colors or subjects would generate a stressful air, while softer tones or subjects will lend comfort. For example, Civil War prints with bloody battlegrounds might be historically interesting, but may give someone nightmares. Instead, vintage prints showing pastoral scenes or a painting of a river flowing through a forest gives a more peaceful feeling.

Consider colors that coordinate. Selecting art that reflects the colors of your room or that may add a small splash of color to a darker corner can lend interest to your room. As seen in the picture above, the calm blue walls are set off nicely by the black and white photos matted in a calming white on black frames that match the headboard. In addition, keeping with that same color scheme, a selection of floral prints could have been chosen, picking a contrasting color that would add interest especially if it coordinates with bedding.

Choose your art based on your interests. The rooms in your home should be a reflection of your personality. This is especially true of the bedroom. Pick artwork that reflects what you are passionate about. If you enjoy gardening, pick artwork that reflects the flora and fauna you are familiar with. If you are passionate about golfing, find a print of your favorite course. One of the most important aspects of the art in your bedroom is how comfortable you are with it and whether you enjoy looking at it. Waking up to something that inspires you will influence your mood for the entire day. Mix different types of art if you enjoy more than one thing. A metal wall sculpture can look incredible if you center it among small prints that reflect the same subject matter.

Measure your space. The size of the wall area you intend to fill should dictate the size of the artwork you want to place there. A larger space, such as that over a headboard, can lend itself to either one large piece or a collection of smaller ones, while a small narrow space may only allow for several small pieces hung one over the other. Experiment with sizes by cutting paper the size of the pieces you are considering and actually taping them to the wall area. This becomes your chance to change your mind and rearrange the artwork before it is put in place.


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