How to Decorate a Living Room With a Projector Screen

Decorating around a large projection screen in your living room or media room may seem like an impossible task. It's actually quite simple if you plan ahead. Everything you put into the room should have a purpose, whether it serves to decorate or enhance your home movie experience, and many items can do double duty and serve both purposes. Your living room should be comfortable and reflect your lifestyle and decorating style.

Paint the walls in a color that's neutral or goes with your color scheme. The walls should not compete with the movie or draw attention away from the screen.

Arrange your seating furniture, such as sofas, chairs, or theater seating around the projector screen to promote the optimal viewing experience. The furniture arrangement should also lend itself to easy conversation, such as in a semi-circle or "U" shape, if the room is used for entertaining beyond movie watching.

Set up the projector screen and media equipment. Use cabinets or curtains to disguise or hide the projector and screen, if that is your intent. Automatic roll-up screens are also available, which make the screen less obtrusive on your decor when it's not in use.

Hang framed artwork or posters on the wall to convey the ambiance you want. For example, if your living room is primarily used for watching movies, frame your favorite movie posters for a movie theater feel. If not, choose artwork or pictures that you wish to display and that work with your color scheme and theme.

Install or add lighting for each purpose the room is used for. Small track lighting can highlight artwork or allow for a dimmed lighting during movie watching. General lighting should be added for everyday use, such as playing board games or visiting. Focused lighting or lamps should be placed next to chairs or areas where you read. Add dimmers to the main lights to add to the movie theater experience.

Accessorize the rest of the living room with decorative items that fit in. Use candles, houseplants, vases, plates, or even statues and keepsakes from your favorite movies.


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