Decorate a Galaxy Bedroom

For a child, a galaxy-themed bedroom is about more than the right paint color or garish licensed accessories, it's an imaginary trip through outer space in his trusty ship. But how you decorate this inner space may differ by your child's age -- and how he envisions the voyage.

Out-of-This-World Walls
Think of the walls and ceiling as limitless outer space. Using the bedroom occupant's age as a guide, choose paint in an appropriate deep-space-blue shade or a more appropriate, but still fitting color: Dark midnight-sky blue for a preteen or teen; steely gray-blue for a 7-to-10 year old or pale blue-gray for a toddler or young child who may fear a too-darkly colored room. Dot the painted surfaces with yellow and white glow-in-the-dark stars, planets and meteor showers.

Invisible Windows or Space-Ship Windshields
Galaxies have black holes, not frilly or lacy window treatments. Obliterate earthly windows by blending the curtain or blind's color with the wall color. For a young child who prefers to captain his spaceship from on top or under the covers, paint the walls in cockpit-silver gray and include window coverings to match. Hang rows of planetary artwork around the bed as cockpit windshields, or if you're a do-it-yourself devotee, create mural-style wall-and-ceiling windshields that look out on the cosmic extraterrestrial scenery.

Fireball Furniture
It may seem quiet and still, but there's a lot going on in outer space, from brightly glowing flare stars and nuclear fusion to flaming fireballs and exploding meteors. Select -- or paint -- furniture in colors that help your little astronaut envision interstellar action that erupt off dark-blue or gray-blue walls. A red, one-piece, molded-plastic desk chair, swivel egg-shaped chair or something else with a futuristic vibe, might be the captain's command seat one day, and a blazing meteor the next; a sun-shaped plywood headboard doubles as a reading light and a giant flaming star when you paint it bright orange and outline its rays with cool, light-emitting-diode rope lights. A round table or desk glows like a super moon with a couple coats of white glow-in-the-dark paint.

Astrological Accessories
Accessorize with longevity in mind. Children outgrow toy-like accessories quicker than more generic decor that simply offer the idea of a theme -- letting imagination skyrocket. Instead of looking to licensed cartoon bedding derived from your child's favorite outer-galactic movie of the month, simply choose bedding with a starry-sky effect, planet-like orbs, shooting stars or something space-station oriented. Rather than an animated rocket-ship lamp, opt for a tall, silver, cone-shaped bedside lamp that mimics a space shuttle. Surrounded by a more realistic, less commercial celestial orbit and with some inner space to play with a few outer-space-based toys, the galaxy experience can be quite convincing -- and more importantly, a whole lot of fun.


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