How to Organize Your Bedroom Drawers

Some may argue that a messy room is a sign of an intelligent mind, but the practical reality is that disorganized drawers damage your clothes and make it difficult to decide whether you need a new clothing item. By cleaning out your bedroom's dresser drawers, you can simplify your life, preserve your clothes, create a neat space and donate clothes you don't want to help someone in need.

Things You'll Need

  • Drawer organizers
  • Post-it flags
  • Post-it notes
  • Pencil
  • Garbage bags
  • Cardboard box

Start by emptying every item from every single drawer. Do not try to sort anything yet, just clear the drawers and dump the items in an empty part of the room that gives you plenty of space to work.

Decide which items should go into which drawers. For example, you may want to put underwear and socks in the top drawer, pajamas in the second drawer, shirts and sweaters in the third drawer and so on. Label a post-it with the proposed contents of each drawer, and tack it lightly onto the front of each drawer.

Sort the contents quickly into four piles--keep, maybe, donate, elsewhere. Items in the keep pile are pieces that you absolutely want to keep, while items in the maybe pile need more thought. Donate items in good condition that you no longer wear, and place items that need to be stored elsewhere in the cardboard box. These are things such as coins, business cards and pens.

Carefully fold and sort all of the clothing in the keep pile. Use drawer organizers to keep stacks of clothing neat. Arrange pieces by like item, and place them in their designated drawers.

Cast a critical eye on every item in the maybe pile. If you cannot remember the last time you wore something, it is probably safe to donate it. For items that you really are not sure about, tag each one with a post-it flag to be removed once you wear the item, and then store it in the appropriate drawer. At the end of the season, commit to donate any items that still have flags.

Fold donations neatly and place them in a garbage bag to be dropped off at the nearest charity. Walk through the house with the cardboard box full of items, and put each item away in its proper place.


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