How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxury Hotel Room

The absolute pampering that happens in a luxury hotel is the best part of your vacation. You may even consider skipping the sightseeing and just lounging around in your suite, snacking on room-service treats, ordering movies and napping in a cloud of fine linen and cushy down. Reimagine your own bedroom as a boutique hotel accommodation that delivers a similar experience, and staycation in style.

Things You'll Need

  • New bed linens: sheets, pillowcases, comforters
  • Mattress topper (optional)
  • Matching hangers
  • Bedroom bench
  • Blackout drapes
  • Wall paint, brush, roller, dropcloths (optional)

Invest in Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases; the high-thread count and long fibers ensure that your delicate skin meets soft, smooth sheets. The cotton is durable and will retain its luster, and the feel of the sheets grows softer over time. The bed is the main game in any hotel room -- in a luxury hotel, bedding is suitably high-end.

Pile on the pillows. Replace beat-up, flattened standard pillows with down-filled queen or king pillows in several levels of firmness. The larger pillows look more generous, and the choice of firmness lets you select how to support your back while reading or chatting on the phone, and your tired head when settling in for a snooze.

Layer textures. Add a feathertop, memory-foam pad or featherbed to your mattress for sink-into-it oblivion. Be sure to adjust fitted bottom sheet sizes to allow for the deeper mattress. A down duvet insulates like a cloud and looks like one, too. An extra blanket, quilt or throw wards off any chill. Skip the decorative pillows -- they are a visual distraction and just end up on the floor anyway.

Limit your palette. Fine hotels tend to stick to white linens; white is easy to launder and looks crisp and luxurious when the bedding is good quality. The virtue of all-white sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and blankets is that you won't have to redecorate to coordinate bed linens with your room. But indulge yourself in color if it matters to you -- just keep it simple. Solid color bedding in pale colors is both sophisticated and practical.

Redefine the decor. You may not be ready for a whole new look, but check high-end trends if your room needs repainting and your drapes are dreary. Shades of gray are neutral, fresh, relaxing and adapt to different design schemes. Light colors with a hint of shadow -- a bit of black added to the color to mute it -- are serene. Deeper hues are dramatic; jewel-tones look rich; splashes of vibrant tropical colors will evoke exotic islands. Blackout drapes that puddle on the floor are extravagant and opulent.

Accessorize like a hotelier. A leather or brocade-upholstered bench at the foot of the bed is a place to kick off your shoes or park your luggage. Nightstands flanking the headboard hold books, smartphones and chargers, reading lamps and a cut glass carafe of spring water. Matching hangers in the closet -- edited and uncluttered, please -- are an invitation to hang up your clothes. A good mirror lets you adjust your armor for meeting the outside world. A live plant or vase of cut flowers refreshes your soul and the air.


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