How to Make a Small Living Room Look Cozy & Not Cluttered

A small room is harder to decorate than a larger one because it will be overcome by too many items and too much furniture. Keeping things simple, clutter-free but still cozy will make the room functional and attractive. Pick up samples of flooring, paint and fabric to see how the colors look together before you buy. This will help ensure that the room is decorated to your taste.

Choose colors that are warm to create a cozy look and feeling in a room. Yellows, reds, pinks and oranges are good choices. The whole room doesn't need to be done in warm colors, but using them will help boost the coziness factor. Try adding it through paint, wallpaper, upholstery, throw cushions, rugs and lamp shades.

Select one furniture piece that is oversized and well stuffed. You only want one piece, such as a comfy chair, in a small room so that the room doesn't look overpowered by the furniture. This one comfy piece will help give the room the cozy look you are aiming for.

Use wallpaper with a subtle pattern on the walls. This will prevent the rooms from looking too large and blank and will add to the coziness factor.

Keep furniture simple when decorating a small room. This will help prevent clutter. Choose only a few pieces of furniture. A loveseat, chair and two end tables are all you need in most rooms. This will provide seats and tables for drinks and snacks without cluttering the room.

Buy furniture that doubles as a place for storage. End tables, coffee tables, couches and chairs are all available with parts that lift up allowing you to store toys, blankets, pillows, books and other items inside. This will keep your items handy but out of sight.

Use shelves to hold other items like books and magazines. Put baskets on the shelves to hold other items that you don't want displayed but want to have close by.


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