How to Decorate a Living Room with Jewel Tone Colors

If you would like to decorate your living room with inviting warm color tones, then try these tips. Jewel tone color choices are deep, vibrant, and luxurious.

Things You'll Need

  • neutral sofa
  • golden paint
  • colorful pillows
  • jewel tone accents

Decorating a living room with jewel tones can be a beautiful and rewarding home decorating project.

What are jewel tones?

The best way to recognize a jewel tone is to envision the colors of valuable gemstones such as: ruby, amethyst, emerald, sapphire, garnet, and citrine. These jewel tones are deep and rich in color with vibrant hues and seductive color. They typically include warm shades of red, gold, green, and purple. If you take a primary color and add some warm hues and subdued hints of gold or brown, you've got a jewel tone.

Choose A Gold Colored Sofa

To decorate a living room with jewel tones, you need to start with a basic piece of furniture. So, choose a couch that is in the golden color spectrum. If you have trouble finding a subdued yellow or golden sofa, choose one that has a neutral tan, beige, or green color. In addition, purchase furniture that has golden or peachy wooden undertones. To decorate a living room using jewel tones, you need to stay away from wooden or lacquered furniture that has black, grey or white color combinations. These will cause your room to look cold and harsh rather than warm and inviting.

Paint Your Walls in Soft Yellow or Beige

The most popular interior wall paint for a home is white, and this color does not work well with jewel tones. You can still keep a neutral color to your walls, which will help with resale value in the future, without choosing white or off-white as the primary color. For your walls, choose a soft yellow or beige color that does not look bright or pastel. If you have trouble choosing a color, go to your local hardware store and pick up some color samples from the paint department. Take them home and place them on your wall to get a feel for the color in your living space. Natural light can greatly affect the shade of color once it is applied to your walls. Be careful not to go with a color that is too dark, or it will shrink the appearance of the size of your living room.

Accessorize with Jewel Toned Pillows, Candles, and Pictures

Now, it is time for you to decorate your living room. Since you have a golden or neutral toned couch, natural wooden accent pieces of furniture, and softly shaded walls, you are ready to splurge with color. Choose vibrant accent pillows that stay true to the jeweled tones. Incorporate large pictures or mirrors that have ruby, citrine, and amethyst hues. These red, golden, and purple tones will create a vibrant and welcoming feel to your living room. Go ahead and add some candles and accent vases that indulge your living room with jewel tones.


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