Ideas, Plans & Layouts for a Pool House

Long summer afternoons spent lounging by the pool can be made even more enjoyable by the addition of a pool house. Designed with all the conveniences of home yet open, airy, and positioned to make the most of the outdoors, the layout and design of the pool house is something that needs careful consideration. Decide what is needed, then make the most of this poolside retreat.

Divided areas
Instead of a studio apartment-like layout, divide the pool house into separate areas with definite purposes.

A tiled area closest to the pool will give swimmers a shaded, sheltered place to dry off from their swim. Glass or iron tables with plastic pool furniture will eliminate the worry of carpets and other materials getting wet. Options for other areas in the pool house include a carpeted bar area with mini fridge, bar stools and microwave, an area with sofas, loveseats and a few overstuffed armchairs along with a fireplace for relaxing around when the nights get cooler, or an open area with game table, pool table, or air hockey for moving the afternoon indoors with some friendly competition.

A fireplace can help take the chill off once the afternoon turns to evening and the temperature begins to drop. Whether indoor or outdoor, a small corner fireplace or a roaring fire inside the pool house, a fireplace and sitting area can help extend the length of the summer pool parties well into the night.

For those in cooler climates, it can also help create a multi-purpose area. In some northern climates, building a structure dedicated solely to a pool that is perhaps used a few months out of the year is questionable; however, with the addition of a fireplace the pool house can become a warm retreat in the cooler months.

Enclosed Patios
In addition to the main area of the pool house, consider adding a flagstone patio on one or more sides. A pergola roof will keep the area partially in the sun, giving swimmers an option between sun and shade. Build the sides out of latticework or a trellis. Not only will this help to let some sunlight in, leaving the dirt exposed at the bottom makes it an excellent place for climbing ivy, trumpet vines, or rose bushes.

This is also a perfect place to install a fire pit.

Hot tub
Adding a hot tub can also extend the useability of a pool house. The time when the weather turns too cold for a pool is the perfect time to jump into the hot tub, and having it attached to the pool house will be a much needed convenience.

Consider raising the level of the hot tub, and building a staircase to make getting in and out of the hot tub easy. Another valuable addition can be a shelf on which to sit drinks and snacks.

A similar luxury item that would be well suited to the design of a pool house would be a steam room. There are plenty of design options out there, with something to fit either on the inside or outside of a pool house.


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