How to Use Artificial Flowers as Home Decor

Flowers instantly add beauty and a touch of romance to your home. Fresh flowers can be expensive and high maintenance, because you need to water and replace them regularly. You'll have less hassle when you use artificial flowers in your home decor. You can buy artificial flowers and arrangements that are very realistic looking and versatile. They're also sold in a wide range of seasonal options, allowing you lovely, striking decor year-round.

Choosing the Best
When choosing artificial flowers, look for realistic blooms. Petals and leaves should feel similar to the way they do in nature. Choose flowers that feel velvety, delicate or waxy, depending on the flower -- whatever texture best mimics the natural texture. Pick flowers that have stems made of vinyl-coated wire. Stems should also have realistic details. When you select artificial flowers for a bouquet, good quality flowers are not the only must. If you plan to make a bouquet based on one color, choose flowers that are all slightly different shades to make it look as real as possible.

Flower Centerpieces
Any centerpiece you can make with fresh flowers can also be made using artificial flowers -- often more easily because you don't need a waterproof container. For Thanksgiving, for example, use a cornucopia as the base of the arrangement. Fill the cornucopia with artificial mums and grasses to create a lush look. Trim the edges of the stems with wire cutters so they fit nicely inside the cornucopia. A floral centerpiece that looks elegant year-round combines elegant silk orchids and floating candles. To make this centerpiece, get two clear vases, one thinner than the other. Put the thin vase inside of the thick vase. Place faux orchid stems in the space between the two vases. Fill the center vase with water and float tea lights on top.

Floral Swags
Floral swags soften window frames and doorways. You can buy ready-made artificial swags or make your own swag from artificial flowers and greens. Take flower stems and several artificial branches of varying lengths, and tie them together with lightweight floral wire. Face half of the flowers to one side and half the other way, with branches meeting in the middle. Cover the middle gap by hot gluing a grouping of artificial flowers or a large silk bow there. Incorporate ribbon and other seasonal touches to customize the display to suit any season. Pine cones and artificial holly berries look festive on a Christmas display made with artificial pine boughs and artificial poinsettias.

Floral Garlands and Floral Hangings
Floral garlands soften up the hard lines of kitchen cabinets, shelves and mantels. Drape vines of faux ivy over the cabinets or mantel and add seasonal touches such as artificial forsythia branches for springtime. Layer the faux greenery and flowers together for a lush look. Intersperse woven baskets filled with seasonal artificial flowers near the places decorated with the garlands to tie the look together. Change the flowers in the baskets every three months or so to update the look for the appropriate season.


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