Sectional Sofa Decorating Ideas for Small Living Rooms

A small living room is sometimes difficult to decorate due to its size. Sectional sofas are ideal for small living room décor because they replace both a full-size couch and a loveseat. The sectional sofa is compact, yet it accommodates a large crowd in a comfortable sitting area. Choose a sectional sofa that fits the scale of the room and reflects your current décor style.

Determine the overall decorative style in your home, such as modern, shabby chic, minimalist or elegant. Choose a sectional sofa that reflects this style. For example, for a modern setting, choose a sectional sofa that has a geometric shape and sits low to the ground; for an elegant setting, choose a sectional sofa with large, smooth cushions accented by a carved dark wood surround. Determine what kind of fabric you prefer to cover the sofa in, such as leather or a soft fabric. Select patterned fabrics in a simple design that complements the rest of the room. Select smaller versions of your favorite style furniture that maintain the style while fitting comfortably in the room.

Decide what color sectional sofa you would like to display. Keep in mind that dark colors make small rooms appear smaller. Choose light, nondistracting colors to make the small living room feel lighter and larger. Neutral colors are not distracting and blend well into any setting. If you would like to display color but do not want the sofa to appear overexaggerated, choose one in a neutral color and place colorful throw pillows on it or a couple of colorful floor cushions in the room. Choose accent colors that complement other colors used in your decor.

Size and Shape
The size of the sectional sofa should fit in scale to the size of the room. For a small living room, the sectional sofa ought to be small enough in size to easily walk around and maneuver into the sitting area. Sectional sofas come in L-shapes as well as half-moon shapes. Decide on a shape that best fits the shape and size of the room without taking up too much space. Keep in mind that you don't have to use the sectional as one large piece; depending on the shape of your small living room, you might have better results by placing the different sections of the sofa facing each other instead of attached.

Surrounding Furniture and Layout
A sectional sofa is made to replace sofas, loveseats and chairs. Because it allows for so much sitting space, it leaves little room for side tables in a small living room. If side tables are used, choose small, compact versions. Because there is little room for multiple pieces of furniture, place a large round or square ottoman in front of the sectional sofa to act as a table and footrest in one. Make it do triple duty by choosing an ottoman that opens, creating room to store blankets, books or other items. This allows for less clutter in the small room. Put a television center with storage cabinets against a wall in front of the sofa. Hide away entertainment items, such as games and movies, in the cabinets. Utilize as much storage as possible to provide more walking space in the living room.


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