Create a Foyer in a Ranch-Style Home

The traditional ranch home is an American classic, reaching its heyday from 1949 to 1965. These homes were faster to build since the formal foyer and the requisite staircase was discarded and replaced by a level entry and a single-story plan. Beginning in the 1980s, the ranch floor plan formula began to be reversed, as striking front entries once again became coveted. There are several ways to add a formal foyer to a ranch home without adding a second floor.

Add A Wall
Mark 4 feet into the room on the non-public side of the doorway to build a foyer, which will allow for a bit of a visually enclosed area looking into the living room.

Bolt a 2-by-4 onto the existing floor, at the mark you've made. Nail 2-by-4s vertically to the floor stud, attaching them to the ceiling.

Cover the studs with drywall, attaching to the studs with either screws or nails.

Seal the seams with joint tape and compound. Let dry completely. Sand down, and then add two more layers of compound over the tape, sanding each time.

Finish the wall by adding baseboards and painting.

Less-Permanent Options
Add free-standing or built-in shelving by the door to visually separate the foyer from the rest of the living room and to create hanging space.

Change the flooring in the foyer area to tile or stone, which is a more traditional flooring choice for a foyer, and will be different from the rest of the living room, which is either carpet or hardwood flooring.

Add columns at the corners of the proposed foyer. Columns will visually separate this area.

Give walls in the newly defined foyer a different treatment from the rest of the room. Wallpaper, venetian plaster, stucco or just a different paint color will break up the space into two well-defined areas.


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