Ideas and Photos for the Design of a Family Room & Adjoining Kitchen

To make rooms appear larger and create more space in a home, many designers choose to create combination family rooms and kitchens. Also known as a great room or an open floor plan, this design knocks down the wall traditionally found between the kitchen and family room. This gives the space an open feel that's perfect for entertaining or simply spending time with family. Design ideas for a combination room of this type give you ways to combine the decors of the two rooms.

Divide the Space
Removing the wall that separates the family room and kitchen creates one large and open space. The problem is that it doesn't show you a clear definition between where each room ends and the next room starts. To create two distinct rooms without affecting the open floor plan, you need to find a way to divide the space. Installing a small piece of furniture, such as a kitchen island or bar, in between the two rooms creates a division that leaves the space open. You also have the added advantage of gaining more entertaining and dining space. Add a few bar stools or chairs around the island for dining purposes or to provide additional seating during a party.

Use Storage Furniture
When you open the space between the two rooms, you lose valuable storage space. The wall previously there probably contained space for cabinets in the kitchen and bookshelves or other storage in the family room. Using furniture that doubles as storage allows you to organize things in the great room, as well as provides seating. Look for ottomans and benches that have lift-off tops and can hold miscellaneous items. Likewise, install a kitchen island that has cabinets underneath that are large enough to store pots, pans, dishes, cleaning supplies and other necessary kitchen tools.

Mix Things Up
Turn the family room and kitchen space into a room that combines the two rooms into one mixed-up space. Instead of separating the rooms, mix and match the components for each one. Add cabinets along one wall to hold kitchen supplies as well as your television and other electronics. Place the dining room table in the center of the room. Use one color scheme that flows through both spaces to tie everything together. Display accessories in a similar color palette, including artwork on the walls and ceramics arranged in small groups. Turn the space into one large room that mixes elements from both spaces.


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