How to Design an Inspiring Office Space in Your Bedroom

Not everyone has the space for a separate home office, although if you work from home -- sometimes or all the time -- you need one. When space is limited, many people look to their bedroom as a possible dual-purpose area for sleeping and work. By focusing on a few key concepts, you can seamlessly integrate a workspace into your bedroom, creating a cohesive, inspirational office space.

Vertical Storage
Most home office spaces are placed out of the way of traffic, sometimes in the corner. While you don't want your office space to dominate your bedroom, you want to have plenty of storage. Place your desk in the corner and use shelves above it to hold books, decorative items and supplies. Use mason jars or small buckets attached to the wall with metal clamps to hold pens, pencils and even fresh flowers. Mount wicker baskets to the wall so that they form small cubbies for paper, staplers and other small office supplies.

Creating an inspiring office space in your bedroom is about continuity in design. Find office furniture that coordinates with existing pieces in the room, like a rustic wood desk paired with an antique wrought-iron bed. Hang artwork over the desk that makes you smile in the morning, such as an enlarged photo from a favorite vacation, a collection of family photos or a print adorned with encouraging words in elegant typography. If the room will serve primarily as a bedroom, use a room divider in the form of a screen or an open bookshelf to separate the work area from the rest of the space. Alternatively, move clothing and shoes to an armoire and under-bed storage, and place your desk in the closet to become your private little nook for work. Remove the closet doors and replace them with a curtain, or leave them as-is.

Room Design
If you work from home, many of your waking hours are spent at your desk. Position the work space near the window, so that you can enjoy both the light and the views of outside. Scented candles in citrus flavors provide a stimulating scent. For a quiet space, place the desk farther from the bedroom door. For increased work privacy, turn the desk so that it faces the rest of the room with the computer screen directed toward the wall. Then, the desk also serves as a divider between the bed area and the work space.

Hide Clutter and Accessorize
Clutter is anything but inspiring, so minimize the mess by storing papers and office supplies in decorative boxes. A secretary desk gives the room a pretty piece of furniture when closed, but it's highly functional when you need it. Place a large, comfortable chair next to the desk to serve as a reading nook or a seat for putting on your shoes. Magazine file boxes streamline the space and provide a place for bills, files and ledger books. A lamp is invaluable for late-night studying or working and early-morning blog reading. Select bedroom-friendly accessories that are appropriate for a work space, such as a globe, a decorative clock or potted plants.


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