Bedroom Decorating Ideas With Rope Lights

Rope lights are not just for the holidays. Use them all year long in your bedroom to create low-key, intimate lighting with the twinkling of stars. These lights are similar to strands of Christmas tree lights, but the lights are completely encased in a flexible tube, which prevents tangling.

Bed Highlight
The bed is the focal point of a bedroom, and you can use rope lights to accent this area of the room. String rope lights across the top of a canopy bed or wrap them around the posts on a poster bed. Attach rope lights to the top of a headboard and foot board on the bed to draw attention to that portion of the room. Keep the switch for the rope lights near your bed so you can turn them off when you go to sleep.

Subtle Ceiling Effect
Highlight the crown molding in your bedroom or add subtle lighting from the top of the room with rope lights strung around the bedroom at the top of the wall. These lights draw the eye toward the ceiling, giving the room the impression of added height, according to Casey Lewis in "Knack Dorm Living: Get the Room -- and the Experience -- You Want at College." Hang rope lights from the ceiling to make a small bedroom appear larger or roomier.

Display Shelf
A display shelf for your personal collectibles should be well-lit to highlight the items on it. In the April 2010 issue of "Timber Home Living," a log house is featured that uses rope lights along the base of a display shelf to create subtle uplighting to highlight personal knickknacks. For bedrooms with television cabinets or media centers, string the lights on the inside of the cabinets to illuminate the interior and make locating items inside the cabinets easier.

Baseboard Nightlight
Replace wall outlet nightlights in your bedroom with rope lights. The rope lights will keep you from tripping in the dark at night while making your way to the bathroom. String the lights along the baseboard of the room to provide enough light to see where you are walking without keeping you awake at night.


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