Decorate in 1950s Retro Style

The 1950s bring back happy memories of simpler times, so why not bring that into your own home, by adding decorative touches reminiscent of the 1950s. Formica and chrome were never so fashionable. Every room in your home can have a fifties touch, whether its a retro toaster, replica jukebox or reproduction enamelware.

1950s Kitchen
Purchase a chrome and Formica table set, either at a second hand store or through a reproduction company. Select a bright 1950s color, such as fire engine red, vibrant turquoise or sunshine yellow.

Hold all your dry goods in reproduced enamel canisters and Bread boxes.

Replace your old refrigerator or stove (or both, if your budget allows) with a vintage reproduction piece.

Frame 1950s magazine advertisements for some inexpensive retro wall art.

1950s Living Room
Display a vintage or reproduction "entertainment center" (a vinyl record player and radio in one) in one corner of your living room.

Replace your boring cordless phone with a vintage reproduction in a funky fifties color.

Pick up some used 1950s chairs or a sofa and recover with new reproduction fabric, for an inexpensive retro look.

Spray paint an old metal desk in a bright 1950s color (like a bright yellow or purple orchid shade) for a fun and interesting piece of functional furniture.

1950s Bedroom
Cover the bed with in a vintage chenille bedspread.

Hang 1950s style Priscilla curtains on the windows.

Put a shaggy white throw rug on the floor for some added texture.

Replace your modern digital clock with a 1950s specialty moonbeam clock, available through LL Bean and other retro outfitters.


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