Decorate a Large Bedroom Sitting Room

Large master bedrooms are often designed to include a small seating area in a corner or in a separate alcove. Having a functional and decorated sitting room for reading, writing or watching television in your bedroom can create a soothing retreat reminiscent of a hotel suite.

Create a separate area of the room to serve as your seating area. Use a rug to set the seating area apart from the rest of the bedroom. Pull furniture away from the walls and use the sitting pieces themselves or a screen to define the sitting area.

Angle your seating toward a focal point rather than turning it toward the room as a whole. Face chairs toward a window, fireplace or television set. Turn the chairs toward one another for a cozier, more conversational space.

Add other furniture to the area. Include a lamp for reading and an end table for a drink. Add a shelf for books if you like to read or a television if you prefer to watch TV. Place a table in the area for a small breakfast nook, perfect for a quiet morning meal or evening cup of tea.

Stock the seating area with a basket of current magazines or books and include a stereo with a CD player, or even a small refrigerator for drinks and snacks. Keep candles or incense nearby to create a calming mood when desired.


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