Kitchen & Dining Room Combo Ideas

Not all homes are built with separate kitchen and dining room areas. Some home owners prefer the combination of both the kitchen and dining area in one. However, coming up with ideas to make this combo work can sometimes seem impossible. There are several ways you can add a dining area to your kitchen without losing space and attractiveness.

The Layout
In order to create a kitchen and dining room combo area, you would have to design a layout that creates functionality and flow. The Corral is a type of kitchen one type of layout that can be used. According to ReModelizer, this kitchen style is usually for an open layout that often has a small dinette or kitchen-dining room combo.

Furniture Size
One thing you want to consider when combining your kitchen with an eating area is the size of your furniture. A small, round dining table can fit nicely in even the smallest of kitchens. Another idea to consider is smaller chairs that can easily slide under the table and out of the way when no one is eating. Drop leaf tables are also convenient since you can fold them down and out of the way for extra space.

Using Space
If you have an open space area in your kitchen, you can make use of the space by adding a dining room area. Open spaces by a window are particularly helpful since this will bring in the ambient light of the outdoors and gives you the option of window seating. You can create bench-like seating beneath a window and set a small dining table in front of it for your dining area.

Floor Plans
If you want a kitchen and dining room combination and yet you do not want your dining table in your kitchen, you can make use of open floor plans. Create your kitchen so it has an open view to the dining area, which thus creates a visual flow and combines the functionality of both rooms together. Open floor plans can also make areas seem larger than they really are.

Although having a kitchen and dining room combo can be a space saver, you may still want to think about accessories that will give each area its own individuality. Adding a rug underneath the dining room table can help to make it seem as though it is in its own separate space while keeping the convenience of the combined area.


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