Decorate a Master Bedroom With Bay Windows

Bay windows can be the design focal point of a master bedroom and are viewed as an asset to a home. Bay windows typically allow a lot of light into a room, depending on their architectural positioning. They are a valuable addition to a master bedroom because not only are they a prized design element, but they also offer the opportunity for a functional seat or additional storage. Decorating a master bedroom with bay windows is an opportunity to highlight the most positive feature of the room.

Allow the option of privacy for the master bedroom by choosing a window treatment for the bay window. Roman shades or draperies on rods designed specifically for bay windows offer privacy when needed. Draw the window treatments to let light in when desired.

Add a window seat to the bay window as a place for reading, lounging or as an additional seat for everyday tasks such as sitting down to put on shoes. Coordinate window seat cushions with fabrics and materials in the room. A window seat for a bay window will cozy up a master bedroom.

Use the under windowsill space of a bay window as storage. Remove the window seat cushion to reveal a top that opens. Store blankets, linens and pillows in the seat. Design storage in the form of cabinets under the bay window.

Dress the window seat or sill. Use decorative pillows to accent the fabric and color scheme of the master bedroom. This is an opportunity the make the design of the room complete and stand out. For bay windows without seats, dress the bay window sill up with plants, flowers and objects of interest, such as a sculpture or pottery.


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