Beach Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A beach-themed bedroom can provide a mini vacation during drab seasons of the year. Paint walls in relaxing colors found at the beach and accessorize with souvenirs from beach vacations. The beach theme sets a relaxing tone perfect for a bedroom,

Shells are an attractive and inexpensive way to accessorize. Contain a collection of small shells in a glass bowl. Arrange large shells on night stands and shelves. Fill a shadow box with favorite shells and hang it on the wall. Use bedding that incorporates a shell design.

Beach colors include shades of tan, white, blue, green and brown. Go with a crisp blue and white pallette, or use a combination of several beach colors on walls, upholstery, rugs and pillows. Tan rugs made of seagrass are durable and lend a clean, fresh look to floors in beach-themed rooms. The rugs are best used on hardwood, but can be used on top of carpet.

Wall Paper
Use wallpaper or a border emphasizing light, airy colors such as white, tan, light blue or green. Or, use dark colors to give the room the feel of a light house or boat house. If you do not want to cover an entire wall in paper, add a beach-themed border around the top or middle of the walls.

Decorate with items found along a beach. Use framed posters and prints of hot dog stands and changing booths. Add sailboats, life preservers and palm trees. Use light-colored woods and wicker for picture frames and accents. Sheer, light-colored curtains lend a light, breezy feel. Hang an old fishing net in a corner of the room.

Use light-colored furniture. White furniture offers the airiest feel, but you can also use pale or natural wood colors. Dark-colored wood can overwhelm the room and may minimize the beach look. To maintain a light feel, use night stands with open shelves and refrain from using a dust ruffle on the bed.

Go heavy on the beach theme with bedding printed with shells, waves or palm trees. Or, apply a lighter touch by using solid-colored sheets and blankets in beach colors such as tan, blue, white and brown. Consider adding decorative pillows with beach themes. For a subtle look, use pillows in solid colors.


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