How to Divide a Dorm Room & Organize Furniture

The boxed space of a dorm room tends to come across as dull and generic because of its unadorned and whitewashed walls, wooden furniture and small windows. Organizing furniture is often a low priority for students, who may have a difficult time finding low-cost storage options with lots of style and personality. Do not let the constraints get you down, however. With a few furniture adjustments and budget-friendly purchases, you can have the dorm room of your dreams in no time.

Organize Furniture
Push all of your standard-issued furniture flat against one wall. Repeat the process with your roommate's furniture, if applicable.

Bunk the two beds against one wall to save as much space as possible, or loft the beds on opposite sides of the room for more privacy. Store the dressers and computer desks below the lofted beds.

Place the desk at the head or foot of your bed to create a makeshift headboard and free up wall space. Arrange the two desks side by side or back to back, with each of the beds on either side to create a partition.

Purchase additional shelving and cabinetry if you have room for it.

Divide the Room
Adhere a blanket or curtain to the ceiling using thumbtacks or double-sided tape to divide the room into two or more areas.

Position large bookcases or dressers in the middle of the room. Allocate one side of the dorm for studying and other side for sleeping and lounging.

Purchase a three-panel hinged divider to separate the beds and create a private space for getting dressed. Attach a mini cork board or whiteboard, then adhere pictures and mementos to them.

Enhance Living Space
Create a kitchen within your dorm room by placing a tall rolling cart against the wall opposite your furniture. Slide a mini refrigerator underneath one end of the cart. Set a compact microwave on the cart's top. Place a set of stackable plastic drawers beside the cart to create a pantry. Add a small chair on the other side of the cart to sit and eat.

Place a television on top of a set of drawers or open shelf. Fill the shelves with your gaming systems, DVDs and other electronics. Stack several large pillows on the floor between the bed and television. Add a futon or small sofa on the wall closest to the television stand, if possible.

Purchase a desk if your dorm room is not equipped with one to create an office space. Place a tall bookshelf across the desk and fill it with textbooks and picture frames. Substitute a rolling chair for the standard wooden dorm room chair to scoot back and forth between the desk and shelf.


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