How to Decorate Open Kitchen, Living Room & Dining Area

Your dream living space may include an open-concept floor plan, with the kitchen, living room and dining area all open to each other in one large space. The open concept makes a small house feel larger and allows the cook to prepare meals without being separated from the family or guests. A large open area can be tricky to decorate because everything is in full view. Choose colors, materials and accessories that complement each other without clashing.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint
  • Window treatments
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Decor of your choice

Choose paint colors carefully. You do not have to choose the same color for each area of the open kitchen, living room and dining area. Choosing different colors can help define the separate areas. If you select colors in the same tone family, rather than very different or contrasting colors, you will create a flow from one area to another.

Use the same window-covering scheme throughout. While it is acceptable to use different colors and shades of paint, you'll want to pull the space together by installing identical window treatments on all windows.

Select furniture that is similar for each room. A traditional oak dining table is not going to match to a sleek, modern entertainment unit in black or chrome. Choose the same wood or material and basic style of furniture for each section of the room.

Use lighting to help define the different spaces. Install pendant lighting over a kitchen peninsula or island, a chandelier over the dining table and floor lamps in the living room. Your lighting will help separate the functions of each area.

Add accessories to each area that have something in common with the accessories in the other areas. If your kitchen appliances are stainless steel, for example, place a large, stainless steel bowl filled with fresh fruit on your dining table and a stainless steel vase on your fireplace mantel. Or choose bright-blue shades for your kitchen pendant lights and place a cashmere throw, in the same bright blue, over the back of the sofa in your living area.


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