Arabian Style Decorating

Arabian style decorating is possible no matter where you live in the world. You just need to learn how to use a variety of Arabian color styles and patterns, and how to make it your own. Arabian style emanates luxury and comfort, making you want to cuddle up with a good book or spend quality time with your friends and family. Attractive Arabian style decorating fills a space with color and detail.

Determine how much space you have to work with and which room will be decorated with the Arabian theme.

Choose a color palette for the room with rich colors such as deep red, purple, emerald, tan and royal blue. Orange is also a great choice for Arabian décor. Plan the room around these colors.

Paint the walls a deep rich color from your color palette.

Create a common area or seating area for guests by spreading a large, colorful carpet or area rug onto the floor. This works in a living room, sitting room, bedroom and other areas. Place colorful pillows along the rug and walls for guests to lean against. Toss pillows along any couches, chairs or lounge areas that are in the room. If it is a bedroom, include lots of pillows on the bed itself.

Use pillows to create floor decorations at the corners of the room. You can put different sized and colored pillows together to create an arrangement in Arabian style. Add floor pots and artificial flowers to the floor decorations to complete the look.

Hang wall ornaments of amulets such as the Evil Eye amulet which is Arabian in tradition. Hookahs are another decorative item of the culture that makes great décor pieces and conversational pieces.

Use rich colors in your fabrics on furniture or furniture coverings, window coverings and draperies and bedspreads if the room is a bedroom. Think of the colors in your color palette. Colors don't have to match in Arabian style decorating. Blends of exotic materials work great.

Tips & Warnings

Complete your Arabian style decorating with soft lighting or adjustable lighting that can be turned down low while entertaining or in the evenings. Alternatively, use candle lighting in the room.
Avoid making the area uncomfortable since a big part of Arabian style is luxury, lounging and visiting with friends and family. You want to decorate a room that you and guests can find comfortable.


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