Ideas for Wedding Car Decorations

They’ve spoken the vows and eaten the cake, and now it is time for the newly married bride and groom to make their getaway to the honeymoon and wedded bliss. Like the rest of the wedding, the getaway is a part of the tradition, down to the car’s decoration. Whether sporting flowers or cans, the words “Just Married” or more couple-specific touches, decorating the getaway car is simple.

Like a little black dress, flowers go with everything. From the aisle to the altar, flowers dress up everyday items, turning them into something festival and out of the ordinary; this is no less true for the getaway car. Corsage-size arrangements fit nicely on car door handles, while wreaths can sit on the hood of the car, the back bumper or around the license plate. Coordinate with the bride’s colors, or chose a color that stands out against the car. Bright, dynamic colors can appear to almost glow against a black paint job.

One of the traditional car decorations, tying cans to the bumper is a humorous way to dress up the wedding car. Cans create sparks, though, and can even be illegal in some locations. Replace cans with plastic bottles, and the result is a new twist on an old classic.

The Writing on the Car
The words “Just Married” on car windows elicits honks, waves and plenty of attention. Writing on car windows presents a variety of options, such as the bride and groom’s names, private jokes, last minute advice and requests for honks. If shoe polish is used, decorators need to be careful to use washable brands. Soap and shaving cream make excellent markers. Whipped cream can hurt the car’s paint job. Remember not to obstruct views out the windows, and if the car is a rental, it might be best to skip this step all together or the happy couple might end up paying a cleaning bill.

Easy to attach and remove, static window and body decals, found in gift shops or wedding boutiques, display messages such as "Just Married." These decals are designed to look like a professional paint job, and also double as a wedding keepsake. Some stores offer customized decals, with information such as the name of the bridal couple or the date.

Adding touches specific to the wedding or couple adds flair to the getaway car decoration. If the wedding is on Christmas, use holly or a wreath to decorate. If the couple likes "Star Wars," tie action figures purchased from a thrift shop to the bumper in place of cans. Decorate with toy boats if the honeymoon is on a cruise, or leis if they are headed to Hawaii.


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