The Best Bedroom Decor for a Small Master Bedroom

A master bedroom is a sanctuary, the place you go to escape from life's demands, your refuge from the storm. As such, small spaces present a challenge. You don't want to feel like a sardine stuffed into a can, crawling over your many possessions just to get to the door. The right master bedroom decor can make you feel like you're in a spa.

Warm and Cozy
If the ideal bedroom for you is curling up in a warm, cozy environment, use warm colors on the walls and bed. Examples of warm colors include reds, golds, terracottas and browns. Layer fabrics to add to the warm feel of the room. Throw pillows, layered drapes and table coverings are all good choices for achieving this effect.

Open and Airy
If your life is cozy enough and the ideal resting place for you is open and airy, use colors such as blues, greens and purples. Lighter tints will give the illusion of more space. Keep your curtains or shades as simple as possible. Your window coverings should allow in as much light as possible. Keep your patterns simple, and don't add too many colors to your scheme. One color goes a long way towards that open feeling you seek.

Whichever decor you choose, use accessories to add personal style to any room. In a small space, keep it simple. Overdoing on accessories will make a small space feel cluttered. Simple framed photographs or artwork will add dimension to the space without adding chaos.

To keep the spa feel in any room, adequate storage is a must. Under-bed storage, closet systems that maximize space and dual purpose furniture all help to keep your things in the proper place. Remove items belonging to another room. Computers, toys and other household items will decrease from the relaxing feel of your master bedroom.

Small spaces can feel bigger with the right furniture. Choose the smallest bed you are comfortable in. A bed too big for the room will overwhelm the space. If you can, get rid of the dresser or go to a smaller one. Organize your closet and hang as many clothes as you can; store sweaters you only wear occasionally under the bed. Choose nightstands with drawers, which becomes a good place for your delicates.


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