Low Budget Teen Bedroom Ideas

Teens spend a great deal of time in their bedrooms---alone or with friends---so creating a bedroom they can enjoy and that reflects their personality is important. Designing any bedroom can be costly; however, many things can be done to create a teen bedroom on a low budget. Finding out your teen's interests and using things your teen may already have is a simple and inexpensive way of creating a personalized teen bedroom.

Sports-Themed Room
Although sports-themed rooms are usually geared toward boys, girls who enjoy sports may also appreciate a sports-themed room. Hang framed collectible cards, uniforms or pennants of your teen's favorite teams on the wall. Fill a large basket with soccer balls, volleyballs or golf clubs. Hang baseball bats, cheerleading pom poms, hockey sticks, baseball caps on the wall or behind a door. Complete with finishing touches such as sports-themed sheets and your child's trophies, sports memorabilia and collectibles.

Music-Themed Room
Almost every teen enjoys listening to music and a music-themed room can be achieved if you're on a low budget. Decorate walls by framing pictures from magazines of your teen's favorite musicians or by purchasing inexpensive posters. Create wall art by gluing together old or blank CDs. If your teen plays an instrument, use the instrument as part of the room's d├ęcor. Hang electric guitars on the wall or provide space for a drum set. You can even purchase old record players or records from garage sales and incorporate these into your design.

Outdoor-Themed Room
Many teens enjoy the outdoors and there are many ways to decorate a bedroom in an outdoor theme. Hang items you may already have at home such as fishing poles or boat paddles. Place a wicker basket in the room and fill it with walking sticks. Frame fishing bait and tackle in a shadow box and hang it on the wall or hang posters with landscapes or wild animals. Place accents like rustic lanterns on tables and shelves. If possible, cover your teen's bed with camouflage bed sheets, a plaid, wool blanket or floral sheets and, to bring the room together, use the same fabric for window treatments. Younger teens may enjoy sleeping in a large tent in the room instead of a bed.


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