Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms With Terracotta Painted Walls

When you want a living room with an earthy feel and an intensity that supersedes the typical white or cream colors found in many homes, choose a deep, rich terracotta with which to paint your walls. This warm color that hints of exotic locales presents the ideal canvas on which to build your living room decor.

Mexican and Southwestern Decor
When the color of terracotta on your walls makes you long for the warm breezes of Mexico or the sun of the American Southwest, look no further for your living room design theme. Opt for heavy furniture made from leather and wood, and drape colorful handwoven blankets across the backs to embrace the casual style of the Southwest. Locate decorative terracotta items like suns, moons, stars and serpents, and cover your floor in the cool tiles common in these areas.

Middle Eastern Decor
You'll see the rich color of terracotta in the spices found in the marketplace, in a shimmering desert sunset and in homes all over the Middle East. To create the look of the Middle East in your home, purchase one or more reproductions of the terracotta oil lamps that have been used in the mid East throughout the ages. Install a border of intricately painted tiles around a fireplace, windows or doorways. Turkish rugs can transform your living room into a Middle Eastern palace.

Mediterranean Decor
The warm ocean feel of the Mediterranean is one that you can intersperse into your terracotta living room. Hints of Spain, Italy, France and Greece are that is required to convert your room into a seaside paradise. Use bold accent colors such as teal, green, yellow, azure and ochre for the trim in your living room. Obtain candle holders, wall hangings and other decorative items in bronze and wrought iron. An intricately designed tapestry placed over your mantel provides an exotic focal point.

African Decor
Even in the depths of the dark continent, terracotta plays a role. Members of African tribes used terracotta to create statues, masks and pots. Look for African reproductions of these items to decorate your living room. Choose accents of orange, rust and chocolate brown to offset the terracotta of your walls and create an earthy look that mimics the African landscape. Curtains and pillows in colorful African prints will add interest to your room.


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