The Best Wood Trim to Use in a Modern Home

A modern home has a style all its own, one that is enhanced by the finishing touches you choose. One is the wood trim. There are many types of new wood trim pieces that look best in modern homes. Each has a distinct look that will complement or contrast the interior of the house, depending on what kind of statement you want to make.

Alternative Wood Trim
Many modern homes have an alternative style. The design is non-traditional and interiors have different colors. So an alternative trim will complement the theme. There are several choices for alternative trims, including bamboo, teak and exotic woods. These woods are imported from South America, Africa or Europe. Snakewood is one option. With a grain that mimics snake skin patterns, it offers a unique style that may be perfect for the ultra-modern home. The fact that the wood is imported adds to the appeal for the modern homeowner.

When choosing an alternative wood trim, match the grain pattern to the interior. It should reflect the contrasts in the home's color or relate to the home's overall theme. An s-shaped home is perfect for snake wood trim, for instance.

Translucent Wood Trim
Another new idea is translucent woods. These are crafted by Luminoso, which makes contemporary home materials. The translucent wood trim is used on everything from furniture to moldings and panels. It has a see-through look that complements qualities in a modern home. This trim is also decorative and used for creating partition panels. It adds a unique style that is very forward-thinking and progressive. Various shades of the material are installed to make contrasting lines or images.

Natural and Faux Wood Trim
Another option is natural wood trim. Any species of wood in a natural grain adds a rustic, comfortable touch to a home. Maple, oak or pine offer a distinct accent to the living room, bedroom or kitchen. Stained a light or dark color, the wood brings out the character in your modern design.

Faux wood trims are a cost-effective solution for large homes. The versatility in these trims allows homeowners to select just the right color and pattern for their rooms without incurring a large cost. Simulated wood grains are very realistic as well, and it is very hard to tell the difference between the two. Next to a large glass window, or in a minimalist kitchen, the addition of wood adds a soft accent which is both traditional and modern at once.


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