Free Open Floor Kitchen Design Ideas

Designing a new kitchen can be a lot of work, especially if you have no idea where to begin with your design. If you're looking for an open design, you'll likely only be working with one or two walls, so you'll want to be sure to choose one that offers access to your home's existing plumbing to save money. Browse around for free design ideas. Take pictures of anything you like, and get a feel for what types of kitchens you like best. Having a few ideas to work with will help you immensely when it comes time to draw up a floor plan and choose cabinets.

SmartDraw is a free a kitchen design program that is full of ideas. Unlike some design software where you have to create everything from scratch, SmartDraw has built-in templates to assist you with your plans. Instead of staring at a blank screen, SmartDraw allows you to view designs and add your own touches to them, demolishing and building as you go. You can play with cabinets, windows, layout, furniture, arrangement and much more. SmartDraw is free and user friendly, making it a great piece of software for any designer or aspiring remodeler.

Another great resource is the internet. There are websites like and that make it their business to provide handy pictures and resources for aspiring designers. For open kitchen design ideas, simply visit their website and draw inspiration from other people's kitchen designs. is an especially useful site as they often link design schemes to manufacturers and retailers, so you can easily price or purchase the fancy cabinets that you liked from the "Carolina contemporary kitchen", or the faucet from the "vintage white craftsman." Sometimes, the best design ideas come from other people's trial and error. Using design websites is a great place to draw inspiration because there is no cost, and they are current on all the latest trends and design concepts that you're surely looking for in your new open kitchen.

Sometimes pictures and software aren't enough, and you need to actually see a space in person for it to come alive. IKEA is an excellent resource because not only can you visit their website or browse their free catalog, but you can go into the store and explore kitchen concepts in the flesh. IKEA has endless display rooms, so you can venture in and actually feel your way around different products and floor plans to find the most suitable for your needs. On top of this, it's free to browse and to get advice from their helpful customer service representatives. IKEA kitchens are fully customizable, so you can literally create your dream kitchen from the ground up in almost any color and shape. IKEA also has appliances.


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