Inground Swimming Pool Design Ideas

An inground swimming pool adds elegance and value to your home. In warmer areas, like California and Nevada, a swimming pool is almost necessary, while those living in colder climates just like having the space for the summer. Not only does it provide hours of entertainment in the water, but an inground pool also gives you more space for throwing a party or entertaining friends. Inground swimming pool design ideas include decorating tips for the space around the pool.

Nature in Your Backyard
Landscaping the area around your inground swimming pool and adding wild plants creates a sanctuary in your backyard. Place low hanging trees and crawling plants a few feet back from your pool. If the branches hang over the pool, the leaves fall and drop into the water, requiring more cleaning. For the areas closest to the pool, use plants and bushes in ceramic planters. Encircle your pool with dark green plants to create a serene and peaceful area. For a more tropical look, add plants with brightly colored blossoms, including lilies. Alternatively, mix and match these ideas by using a combination of darker bushes and only a few brightly colored flowers to add some color to your yard.

Add a Feature
Add a different water feature to your inground swimming pool. For a new look that fits smaller budgets, try adding a small water fountain to the pool. If you have an even smaller budget, use a water fountain in a stone or ceramic that matches other decorations in your yard. Larger budgets have more options, including adding a pool that slides right into the swimming pool. Adding a waterfall to one side or wall of your swimming pool creates an interesting focal point to the space. You may even want to add a hot tub or Jacuzzi to your pool area. Place the hot tub away from the swimming pool, which gives you more privacy.

Tiled Patio
If you entertain frequently, add a tiled patio that leads from your back door to the swimming pool and circle the tile around the pool. You can even make the patio attach to a porch or patio that already exists on your home. Use metal or plastic chairs and arrange the chairs around glass topped tables. Place the tables a few feet apart, which gives guests more room to mingle during parties. Look for lightweight tables, which are easier to move and rearrange.


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