Ideas for Bay Window Treatments in the Living Room

Accentuate living room bay windows with window treatments. Bay windows provide an abundance of light to come into the home. Due to its individual shape, treatments need to complement the design and function of the bay window. The design choice should accompany your design taste and the overall décor of the room. Consider the function of the window, and decide how much light you want to enter the room and whether a particular treatment will hinder your view outside of the window.

Decide on the type of curtain you want to dress your living room bay window, which includes choosing a curtain style, length and color. Café style curtains complement bay windows well. To control the amount of light entering the area, add a panel in the color of your choosing. Hang the curtains with the appropriate rod. Rod selection depends on the size of the window. For full coverage, select a bay window rod set. If you do not have a bay window rod set, purchase bay window corner connectors and attach them to a standard curtain rod.

Shades provide an alternative to curtains as they control light and serve as a subtle treatment for the windows. You can choose between Roman shades, roller shades or a natural fiber shade such as bamboo. Shades also serve a functional purpose. Select a light-blocking shade to eliminate all light from entering the bay window in the living room or an insulated shade to cut down on energy bills in the summer and winter.

Valances can emphasize your living room bay windows without covering them. Use creativity in choosing a fabric and texture. Scarves also serve as a substitute to a traditional valance. Choose between sheer fabrics such as lace or silk. If you prefer a heavier fabric, select a lined valance made from wool or a heavy cotton material.

Furniture and Accessories
Add a touch of furniture in front of a living room bay window to draw attention to this area of your home. Don't overwhelm the area, but consider the space allotment and only add a few key furniture items. If you do not have enough room for chairs, add a few accent pillows. Also consider adding a tall plant between the area and other visually appealing accessories.


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