Homemade Beach Themed Party Decorations

You can spend a fortune on decorations for a beach-theme party, or you can make your own bright, sunny designs. You'll find many materials for these projects around the house, and you can pick up the other things you need at budget stores. Most of these homemade beach decorations are actually creative crafts projects so if you have kids, they can join in the fun.

The Serving Table
Create a mini-beach scene on your buffet table or serving counter. Put down a bright beach towel to set the stage for the serving dishes and utensils. Place colorful shells of different sizes among the platters and bowls, and glue shells onto plastic cups to hold the forks and spoons.

Dining Tables
For the dining area, make tablecloths out of beach-theme fabric---you can find a good selection at HartsFabric.com (click on "Cotton Fabrics"). For the centerpiece, fill glass containers with sand and colorful shells, and for party favors, glue small shells or sea stones onto bottle openers for each guest to take home.

Light the table with sand candles. To make them, fill a small bowl with sand and dig out a mold, leaving some sand around all sides of the mold. Tie wicking to a chopstick and place the stick across the top of the bowl. Melt paraffin and crayons, and pour the mixture to fill the mold. Dig out the candle when it's dry to the touch, and cut the wick short.

On the Walls
Go big with decorations on your walls. Hang a fish net and dress it up with large paper sea animals such as sharks, starfish and octopus. To make these creatures three-dimensional, draw the shape on butcher paper and cut out two identical pieces. Stuff crumpled newspaper between the pieces and staple them together.

Instead of fish net, you can also use straw matting for the backdrop on your wall. Spray paint straw beach hats for decorations, or make stuffed palm trees using the same 3-D technique.

Along the Windows
On the windows, drape garlands or hang individual strings with beach items attached. Fun choices include small beach balls, tropical flowers made of paper, beach hats or smiling cardboard sun faces. For a fun touch, make the faces just the right size to attach old pairs of sunglasses.


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