How to Decorate a Room With an Ocean Theme

Ocean-themed decor is a popular choice that can be customized to fit any personality and lifestyle. Decorating in an ocean-themed room can involve a complete overhaul of wall colors and furniture, or small changes, such as fabric and accent pieces. Color and texture are the keys to decorating a room with an ocean theme. With the right combination of color and texture, you can create a relaxing seaside experience right in your own home.

Paint the walls in a cool blue to represent the water in the ocean and the blue sky on the horizon. The wall color is the starting point for your room, and depending on the look you want to accomplish, can range from light sky blue to dark blue-gray.

Use shutters, shelving, and other wood pieces painted in clean, bright white. The white will stand out against the blue walls, brightening the room and forming the basis of a whimsical nautical motif.

Add other colors of the ocean in accent fabrics and accessories. Greens are reminiscent of see plants and grasses, while grays, light pinks and beige are found in stones and shells on the beach. These colors will add subtle visual elements of the ocean to your room's decor.

Choose fabrics in a variety of textures reminiscent of the ocean. Combine the smooth, delicate look and feel of silk, for pillows and curtains, with the rougher texture of canvas, for drapes or storage pieces, to represent the changing moods of the ocean in your room.

Add varying textures to your ocean room by choosing decorative pieces made of natural fibers found near the sea. Woven rugs, placemats and baskets made of rope, sisal, grass and bamboo will add visual interest and incorporate natural elements to your ocean room.

Embellish your room by adding accent pieces made from real elements of the ocean. Arrange glass containers of sand and seashells along a shelf or mantle. Place dried starfish and sand dollars under a glass tabletop. The natural textures combined in various sizes and shapes will enhance the seaside ambiance of your room.


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