How to Decorate With a Floral Sofa

Floral sofas come in patterns ranging from ultramodern to classic country. These colorful couches lend visual interest and bring a touch of nature into the home. A floral sofa stuck into a room with no other decorations can appear dull, despite the busy pattern. Pairing your floral sofa with the right colors and accessories pulls everything in the room together.

Examine your floral sofa and make note of the primary colors in the pattern to help you determine the right colors for the decorations and accessories you’ll add to the room.

Select floor covering for the room. Neutral colors like beige carpet, wood floors or tan tiles go well with all floral sofa types. Avoid rugs with patterns in them, as too many patterns in a room quickly become visually overwhelming.

Pick a paint color for the walls. Neutral colors including eggshell and light beige are standard and match just about anything. For a more colorful room, use the primary color in the floral couch and go for a lighter version of it. For example, if most of the flowers in the fabric pattern are dark purple, paint the walls a light lavender to complement. Avoid using wallpaper, as additional patterns on a large scale make a room seem too busy. However, a matching floral border around the room can work.

Add to the room furniture that goes well with the floral pattern. Stick to wood tables and furniture in natural colors for a traditional look, or metal and glass furniture for a modern look. Add chairs or a loveseat in a matching pattern or in a solid color that’s predominant in the couch.

Choose accessories for the area around the couch. Hang black and white photographs on the wall or artwork with minimal colors to offset the busy pattern of the couch. Add a clear vase with fresh flowers to complement the theme of the sofa.

Add comfortable throw pillows and blankets in a solid color to the couch. Adding these pieces helps to show off the print by making it pop.


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