How to Decorate a Living Room Tropical Style

The tropical style of decorating conjures up palm trees, vibrant colors and tiki torches. Most people, however, do not want to put a tiki torch in their living room. There are other ways you can decorate your living room in a tropical style without making it seem like you are living in an touristy hotel room in Hawaii. Read on to find out how to decorate your living room tropically, without being tacky.

Things You'll Need

  • Furniture in the natural wood of your choice
  • Textured textiles
  • Decorative accessories made from natural materials
  • Silk or real potted tree and plants
  • Bamboo shades
  • Sheer curtain panels
  • Brightly colored throw pillows and area rugs
  • Ribbons

Choose neutral colored furniture in a natural wood, such as bamboo, birch or wicker. Stay away from metals.

Brighten up the furniture with colorful throw pillows in tropical colors and patterns, such as hot pink, turquoise or green. Add colorful throw rugs as well. Keeping the furniture neutral and adding splashes of tropical colors will keep your living room tropical looking without crossing the line into tacky.

Add plants. Place a tall, potted tree in the corner, and some plants on an end table or windowsill. Try to get a lush feel without covering every surface with greenery.

Let light in. Cover your windows with a bamboo shade, but keep it open as much as possible. Add sheer curtain panels on either side of the shade. Tie them back with brightly colored ribbon that matches the colors in your pillows and rugs.

Hang tropical-themed artwork on the wall, such as traditional beach scenes, or go with a more modern, abstract look by hanging abstract paintings that feature the colors in your rugs and pillows.


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