Arrange Couches

Couches are the place where most families spend the majority of their waking hours. With the exception of the bed, no piece of furniture is used more. With such a large piece of furniture, proper placement is important. The warmth and personality of your living room depends on it. There are two different styles of thought on couch placement: feng shui or traditional Western furniture arrangement. Feng shui is based on the ancient Chinese principle that furniture placement can maximize energy flow which allows for a more positive atmosphere in your home. Both can be used for arranging couches.

Feng Shui
Keep your couch as the focal point of the room.

Never place a couch in front of a door or window; in fact, it should be opposite the largest door to the room.

Place your coach against a wall, or close to one.

Position your main couch so it is facing the main entrance to the room.

Traditional Western Arrangement
Find the focal point of the room; a fireplace, large window or architectural detail. Position the couch so that it does not block the view of the focal point when entering the room and draws the eye to it if possible.

Separate a large room or an open foyer area by using your sofa as a barrier.

Try moving your couch away from the wall or place it at an angle, if space allows.

Create a cozy nook by placing it diagonally across a corner. Place a reading lamp and decorative feature in the corner for interest.


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