Seniors Bedroom Color Ideas

Senior citizens need specific things when it comes to a bedroom. They need a place that is soothing and bright, but without much glare as elderly eyes can be quite sensitive to glare. The colors of the room should be from a palate that goes well with vintage furniture, as a few vintage accents might make the elderly person feel more at home.

Yellow is an appropriate color for bedrooms of senior citizens because yellow can be both bright and warm. Yellow walls can help a room feel as though there is more light entering a room, even when the window shades of a room are down. According to, a website that provides guidance and tips on decorating, "Yellow is often described as an optimistic, life-affirming color that reminds us of sunshine and stimulates our mind, body and emotions." For senior citizens who are susceptible to a host of aches and pains or infrequent visits from family, yellow can have an uplifting effect. Yellow often pairs well with the rich wood of certain antique furniture styles.

The color blue creates a serene soothing environment in a room. For seniors, stick to a pale or bright robin's egg blue as other shades, such as navy or royal blue, could make the room feel dreary. Considered a "cool" color, blue is suitable for rooms that get too much glare from direct sunlight. Blue also adapts to a range of decorating styles. For example, muted blue was popular with colonial homes and pairs well with colonial-style furniture. Blue is also a suitable color for rooms with a coastal theme. In such rooms, blue paired with white can create festive and energizing stripes that are heavily prevalent in coastal decor.

The color green is found abundantly in nature and has a reassuring, refreshing effect. According to, "On a 'primitive' psychological level, the color green tells us that we are safe: In a fertile, water-rich environment, above freezing temperatures, there is enough to eat and we will survive. We can relax." For a senior citizen who might be beleaguered by health issues or other concerns, a green bedroom can help to relieve some stress. Light greens like mint or grass green can have this calming effect without being too bright or harsh. Green also matches well with a range of decorating styles, such as country cottage, French country, art deco or colonial.


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