Wedding Night Bedroom Ideas

After the exhaustion of the wedding ceremony and reception, the newlywed couple needs a relaxing and romantic place to spend their first night as a married couple. You can decorate a hotel room or bridal sweet with accents like rose petals and champagne, making for a cozy retreat to kick of the honeymoon.

Flowers can instantly add a touch of romance to the bridal room, and you can fill the space with roses or the bride's favorite flower. You can even tear off flower petals and scatter them around the floor. Also, cover the bed in flower petals and arrange a heart made from the petals at the center of the bed.

Champagne and Food
The bride and groom may grow hungry through the night, so adding some romantic treats like chocolates and strawberries will be a welcome sight. You can also set out a champagne bucket filled with ice and a bottle of chilled champagne, as well as some toasting flutes for the couple to enjoy.

Bath Items
The bride and groom may want to take a bath to relax after the hubbub of the wedding. Furnish the en suite bathroom with some bubble bath, bath salts, lotions, a pair of robes and a bath pillow. You can even light candles in the bathroom to make it a romantic setting.

Furnish the bridal room with a CD player and some CD selections so the couple has something soothing to listen to as they unwind. If you know what music the bride and groom like best, have some of those CDs on hand. Or, supply some classical, jazz or instrumental music to set the mood.


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