Use Two Dressers in a Bedroom Setting

Placing two dressers in one bedroom may overcrowd the space or make it look uninviting or awkward without careful planning and placement. When two people share a room, however, there may be more of a need for two dressers if both have a lot of clothes or a desire to decorate "their" space separately. Incorporate two dressers into one bedroom by figuring out the most appealing and room-saving way while keeping both of the room's occupants happy.

Measure the space before you buy, move or rearrange anything. This may save you time, money and energy in the long run. If you already have the bedroom furniture, measure it as well.

Sketch the room on grid paper or use an online room planner, such as the one offered by Raymour and Flanigan at Use the room's exact measurements.

Place the furniture where you'd like it to go--using exact dimensions-on your grid or the planner. Keep the doorway free of furniture so entering or exiting is not inhibited and doesn't create an overwhelming, cluttered feeling. Rearrange the furniture in your plan as necessary.

Consider placing one dresser in the closet if space permits. Large, walk-on closets can usually house a chest without taking away too much hanging space, while a longer closet with sliding or bi-fold doors might be able to house a typical dresser and still allow for hanging space.

Contemplate putting the two dressers back-to-back in the center of the room if siblings share the space. This will give each child his or her own clearly marked, easily identifiable "side" of the room and allow for some privacy.

Lining up the dressers on one large wall across from the bed is another option if splitting the room isn't. Or, let shorter chests double as night stands where each occupant of the room gets his or her own. A typical dresser can be added across from the bed that the pair can share.


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