Get a Lace Effect on Your Walls in the Bedroom

Walls can be painted to create the appearance of lace in a way that will look like wallpaper. When you are planning a lace treatment, remember that your initial wall color will be the color of your lace. The color you apply will be your main wall color. This helps you select good colors for the design you want. Start by locating a wall color paint in the spray paint section of the paint store. Work backward based on what is available to determine a good tonal lace color.

Paint the wall the a base color using a roller and tray -- white or cream if you want a common lace color. Cut in around corners and trim boards and tape off any area you do not want to paint. Allow the paint to dry for eight hours.

Cover all of the surfaces in the room with plastic sheeting. Spray paint lands on surfaces even several feet from where you spray.

Spray the back of a lace sheet with stencil adhesive. Your lace sheet should be 24-inches taller than the tallest ceiling height of the wall. Position the lace starting at your most visible corner. Align the lace with the corner. Work your way out from the center. Keep the lace flat and smooth. Use a hard roller to press the adhesive against the wall. Add tape to help hold the weight at the top and bottom.

Tape plastic sheeting along the vertical edge of the lace so you cannot overspray the freshly painted wall. Cover the adjacent wall starting at the corner.

Spray over the lace using spray paint. Keep the can level and 12 inches from the wall surface. Move slowly from side to side to coat the lace as evenly as possible. Spray from top to bottom. Allow the paint to dry for 30 minutes before removing the lace. Place the lace over a clothesline to dry out completely. Add a fresh coat of stencil adhesive and line your lace up with the edge of your last section. Cover everything and repeat until your entire wall is painted.


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